Monday, February 8, 2010

Pulse #4 - Core

Have you ever bit into what seemed to be a beautiful shiny new apple, only to quickly spit it out in disgust? What you anticipated to be a refreshing, juicy apple, turned out to be a mushy, gritty mess. What if our worship were like this? Beautiful on the outside, while the inside is falling apart. Check out this next video in the "pulse" series & then we'll discuss.
Judson Cornwall, an early pioneer of contemporary worship said this:

"Worship is an attitude of the HEART, a reaching toward God, a pouring out of our total self in thanksgiving, praise, adoration and love to God."

So you see, all of our many outward expressions of worship mean nothing if our heart is not aligned with God. I am reminded of a fictional story I once heard about God listening in on a large congregation seemingly worshiping Him with all their might. The 100 voice choir is singing out with hands raised high. The band is playing their instruments with as much energy as could be mustered up. The congregation is dancing, singing, bowing, praying...BUT! In the midst of it all, God could hear only one tiny voice. A young boy on the back row is singing his simple song, in a crackly, child-like manner. Even among hundreds of people going through the motions of worship, this little child was the only one worshiping with his whole heart.

In the Old Testament, the most popular Hebrew word for worship is
shachah which means "to bow down or prostrate oneself before another in order to show him reverence." In the New Testament, the Greek word for worship is proskuneo which means "to kiss the hand to (toward) one, in a token of reverence." Isn't it interesting how the shift from the old to the new becomes much more personal & intimate. It moves from an act (to bow) that could be done at a distance, to an act (to kiss) that must require a bit closer proximity. I LOVE THIS! Through Christ's redemptive blood, we are given the privilege of worshiping Him directly. Did you get that? We now have a direct connection with the Almighty. Bette Midler's song "From a Distance" is no more!! Okay, I may have crossed a line there, but you get the idea.

Here's a few great quotes from
Lamar to remember:

"Worship doesn't start externally; it starts internally."

"You don't do worship; you mean worship."

"If it's in your heart, it will be expressed outwardly."

(Don't be afraid when your inward emotions
begin to manifest themselves outwardly.)

Ask yourself this question; what would you say to someone if they asked you what worship is? Is it when you sing a specific song, or maybe when you raise your right hand at just the right time? Or, is it when you connect heart to heart with your creator? Find some time alone with the Lord and truly seek Him to discover the answer of true worship.

Will you be singing the aforementioned song "From a Distance", or will you be singing the song of the little child?

What's at the CORE of your worship?

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