Monday, August 16, 2010

Profound lesson from the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

Greetings friends. A few weekends ago, we hosted a simulcast of Willow Creek's Global Leadership Summit. The opening session from Pastor/Founder Bill Hybels hit me right where I believe God has our team heading. Going into the Fall, we are about to step into, what I believe may possibly be the most amazing year of ministry. Why? Two words...GOD & YOU! Many of you are really stepping up your roles on this team & we are all headed in one direction...The throne room of our King Jesus Christ! I have never felt such unity & vision for the future as I do right now. If you haven't begun to be stirred of God, please join us for the ride of a lifetime.

I thought you might be interested in my notes from the session with Hybels. You may have to read between the lines a bit, but I pray you'll get it. You are FANTASTIC people! Please comment on your thoughts.


1. Leaders move people from here... to there.
It's always uncomfortable.

Leaders...your job is to figure out what God wants to get done in this world, your role in it & decide how to move people from here to there.

2. It takes FANTASTIC PEOPLE, if you're going to move forward.
Look for the 4 C's

Do you view the gathering of FANTASTIC people as a privilege?

3. Mile Markers & Celebrations

Continually be filling the vision bucket!
Celebrate everything along the way!

When is the last time you had a celebration?

4. Whispers from God

"My sheep hear my Word & heed it."

Our God speaks to us in the Spirit.

Will you do everything in your power to hear His voice & heed it?

Words that you might hear God whispering to you.
Step up
Take the risk
Apologize now
Make the tough decision
Get help
Stop running from God
Slow down
Show your heart
Let others lead
Feed your soul
Bless the team
Make the ask
Do something more impactful
Come clean
Embody the vision
Celebrate the victories
Speak the truth
End the secret
Check your motives
Set the pace
Give God your best
Get physically fit
Serve your spouse & kids
Pray & humble yourself

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