Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meeting God at Costco

I took Monday off as a "day of rest". Last week we had rehearsals for our latest Night of Worship here at FCC. It was Saturday night & was absolutely amazing! For those that served alongside me, I thank God for you daily. Needless to say, come Monday, I was wiped out. So, what better way to rest than by spending 4 hours in line at Costco. Well, technically, 3 hours & 1 hour tooling around Costco as I waited. Yes, it's that time of year in Alaska. Time to switch your tires over for Winter. Thankfully, we've been blessed with a longer Fall than usual. We deserve it after the rainy Summer we had.

There I was, bundled up at number 3 in line. As you know, we've been streaming our worship music online for several weeks now. Night of Worship would be no exception, but as I always do, I needed to preview it before putting it online. I know what you're thinking. What better place to do that, than waiting in line for tires! That's exactly what I did, and I'm here to tell you that I met with God that morning. I popped open the Macbook, put on the headphones, and for the next hour and a half I watched the sunrise, watched the N.O.W. video, and had an amazing (albeit strange) encounter with God. I wept, I sang, I clapped (trying to be quiet about it). For the folks way down the line, I'm sure I was a sight. At least the people right around me could see what I was watching. Incidentally, that sparked some great conversation when I was finished and still had an hour to wait. All in all, what should have been a menial, tedious task, turned out to be a GREAT morning! Needless to say, I'll be doing it again this Friday with my wife's car.

Now it's your turn. Click on the N.O.W. poster in the sidebar to watch last Saturday's event in it's entirety. I trust you will be blessed. If you were involved, please take some time to comment on how God worked in & through you. If you were there as a worshipper, or are watching & worshipping to it for the first time, I would love to hear your comments as well.

What is your Costco moment going to be?




  1. My Costco moment was about 4:30 this morning when God gently nudged me awake and took me to my laptop to experience here in Arkansas what y'all experienced there!

    I had a wonderful time just adoring God, and weeping when Steve talked about the miners, and praising Him for so many blessings--from technology to each person who sacrificed their time to create such a wonderful experience! I especially enjoyed the choir and look forward to hearing them more, now that the music is being streamed every week.

    My biggest praise, of course, was remembering how seriously ill I was this time last year, and how God totally healed me as I watched last year's Night of Worship by Skype. It was so awesome to be sitting here in perfect health and freedom from the oxycodone that had piled addiction on top of pain!

    May God bless each of you who used your talents so amazingly! You have a sister here in Arkansas who loves and appreciates you!

    I can't wait til the NEXT one! I concur with the people who commented on your FB page, Mark, that next time it should last until midnight. Then again, with the amount of energy expended, it might kill you all!

  2. Each time I work/minister/serve with you I continue to heal. I appreciate your humble spirit.