Friday, August 12, 2011

Conference Quotes #3

"Not on my watch." - Michelle Rhee

"I tried to create a different culture, a culture where we thought about every single child and every single family in the same way we think about our own." - Michelle Rhee

"I would much rather deal with anger than apathy." - Michelle Rhee

"Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves." - Michelle Rhee

"Humility will not automatically make you great. And being great will not make you humble. Humility makes the great greater." - John Dickson

"You don’t need armies to change empires or individuals." - John Dickson

"Sometimes people aren’t going to reward you for doing the dirty work. But you should do it anyway." - Patrick Lencioni

"If you live your life outside of God you are destined for a life of endless repetition and monotony, but when you live in the light of Creation all things become new." - Erwin McManus

"We can’t change history, but we can create the future." - Erwin McManus

"The church needs to reclaim it’s place as the epicenter of creativity" - Erwin McManus

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