Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thanks (not snakes) on a Plane

As I fly home from vacation I am struck with one overwhelming word over and over again...THANKFUL. I am thankful for family. I am thankful for friends. I am thankful for work. I am thankful for play. I'm just plain thankful! Even for the turbulence that's bouncing me around as I type. I AM THANKFUL!
One week before our vacation, the school of worship took a field trip out to Hiland Mountain Correctional Facility. Though it was technically a field trip for the SOW course on "A Worshipper's Character", the worship arts team as a whole tagged along. Around forty of us went out there for one bless the Lord & minister to His church. As it turns out, we were extremely blessed in return. We also left, a very thankful people. We were able to show, in a tangible way, that God's love reaches out & exists outside of the physical walls of the church. In actuality, it exists within the church itself, the body of Christ, His people. Even though the ladies at Hiland are held in bondage within the walls of the prison, many of them received spiritual freedom from the heavy chains surrounding their souls. It was an amazing sight to behold! In the next few weeks I will be posting quotes from the school of worship students about their experience at Hiland. I can't wait to read their essays in the weeks to come and discover the works that God did in their hearts, and truth be told, all of our hearts.
Over our vacation, my family was blessed to be able to visit some old friends in Arkansas. While there, my wife & I were privileged to be able to lead worship at the church that sent us out to Alaska (sorry for the blurry pic). Once again, just as at Hiland, this was another wonderful opportunity to live out the truth that the church is not the walls, but in fact, the body of Christ no matter where you are.

Whether our church family in Alaska, Arkansas, Texas or a prison in the forests of Eagle River, The church is strong & I am THANKFUL!

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