Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Philippines Trip - Day 2

Today's to Cagayan de Oro & then on to Jasaan. In fact, I'm typing this on the flight. It was delayed a few hours, but our conference doesn't begin until tomorrow, so we're good.

After a great night's sleep, our team met for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Did you know tofu actually works well in an omelet? It was quite good. Lisa had the pancakes. I'm pretty confident that the somewhat "Americanized" food will be going away over the next few days. Bring on the balut!

As we waited in the Manila airport for our delayed flight, we went ahead & got a head start on our schedule meeting for tomorrow's kick off of the conference. Please pray that we will not feel forced to follow our man-made plans, but instead follow the lead of our God & His plans for the people of Jasaan.

We are also really getting excited for the Night of Worship that will be held on Friday evening at the town pavilion. Marlix, Michael & their team have already been working on the music for a few weeks. Rehearsals should start tomorrow evening for that. Once again...God's plans, not ours!

Because of our delayed flight, we arrived a little after 9:00 at Jasaan's Basamangas Resort. The Bible College students from the church surprised us with a "welcome Home" banner, homemade necklaces & a song. Think Hawaii, but with the sincere LOVE of the Lord. It was truly incredible!

Soon after, we were off to bed. Nighty-Night.


  1. Um...I knew that tofu works well in an omelet. :)

  2. Wow, sounds like a great welcome for great people! I am praying!!