Monday, August 13, 2012

Leadership Summit Quotes

Every year at about this time I get re-energized at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. This was our third year of hosting the simulcast at Faith. As always, it was incredibly humbling, motivating, energizing & the list goes on. As in years past, I wanted to share a few memorable quotes with you. Here goes...

"Be an 'incessant tinkerer'. Do what you do BETTER! Transformed lives are worth it!" 

"It doesn't matter where you've come from, but where you're going."

"It is what you do before the difficult times come. It's how you manage things in the tough times, so that you can be strong when people need you."

"Every young person is gifted!"
"Gift + Issue = Better World"

"Don't just delegate tasks to the next generation, delegate authority so you will develop leaders."

"A core value is something you're willing to get punished for"

"Listen more than you talk"

"We are called to serve with God where He is already at work"

"The question we should be asking is not who was this man, but who is this man"

"the institution belongs to the people it serves, not to the person leading it."

"Everyone wins when a leader gets better!"

What are some of your favorite quotes from this year's Summit? How will you be quoted? Better yet, what does your life speak to others?

Lord, may we all lead better as we serve You & Your church!

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