Monday, August 6, 2012

New Series...New Song

Good Monday afternoon! This week is already turning out to be very promising. Depending on how you look at it, last week either ended great with the weekend services, or this week started great. Since I've been gone for the past three weeks and was longing to worship with my family at Faith, I'm going to go with it was a GREAT start to this very promising week. Every time I've been on the mission field I have been blessed beyond words. Our recent time in the Philippines was absolutely no exception. However, I am more thankful than ever for our family here in Alaska. 

Speaking of last weekend's services, we started a new series simply called "Read The Red". Pastors Steve, Mike and others will be taking us through the "Red letter" teachings of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew. I personally can't wait to dive a bit deeper! To help us in this journey I have written a new song called "Your Words". We did a really simple acoustic version over the weekend. The bonus for me was doing it with my amazing wife Lisa! Here's the video...

Along with this video, I've added an audio version in the sidebar of this blog. Feel free to download & use any of those songs. I look forward to journeying with each you as we "Read the Red" together.


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