Monday, October 15, 2012

We Made It!

Though I look soooo very corny, I am TRULY excited to finally be in Texas, the land of my birth. The road to Texas was interesting to say the least. Let's recap the last week shall we...

...almost missed a production deadline to get our flyers shipped to Gateway (THANK YOU KIM)

...Started getting a cold & I never get sick

...Birthday party with 6 screaming girls. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM!

...Bomb threat at the airport that put us 6 hours behind & pretty stinkin' cold!

...Little to no sleep on the airplane due to unforeseen seat changes. 'Nuf said.

...And to top it all off, Lisa gets shingles right before I head out.

Okay Okay. Believe it or not, I am not whining! Actually, it's just the opposite. I'm declaring that God must have something HUGE in store, for the enemy to make it so difficult to get here. We are almost finished with our first day here at the Gateway Conference & have made many wonderful connections throughout the day. It is evident that our way has been paved before us. 

So...join me in declaring victory this week! God, use us to raise up the next generation of Worship Leaders in "the Last Frontier".

Talk at ya tomorrow.


  1. Much love - praying
    Mary Amber

  2. Mark! I had no idea you were so cool! OK I had a slight idea since you do have a corgi named Barnabee. But anywho, that looks amazing! Love the background and the fancy School of Worship sign! You are rockin' it. What's with the menorrah? Only ask becuase Ben and I are about to celebrate Chanukah? :)

  3. Pretty sure I'm not so cool! The "Mennorah" is a replica of the Golden Lampstand from the Mosaic tabernacle. We teach about it in our "Foundations of Worship" class in the school. It definitely caught people's attention enough to get them to our booth.