Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gateway Conference - Day 2

What a great day thus far! After a little Chik-fil-A breakfast, Ytamar & myself were off to Gateway. You should see the beautiful table that my brother put together. It's quite inviting!

This morning we met a lot of new people. A group from Taiwan, that we met yesterday, Asked me to come teach at their school. God only knows, but I'm always open. I'm telling you, there's nothing more exciting than following the will of God. You never know where He's going to send you. Get on board!!! 

After lunch I had an impromptu meeting with a long time ministry superhero of mine, Lamar Boschman. He was the founder of the International Worship Institute. The Institute played a HUGE role in my earlier years of ministry. Lamar, a member of Gateway Church, invited me to join him in the worship green room. This was totally a God ordained meeting! I spent an hour making connections with many of the Worship Pastors here at Gateway...Walker Beach, Zach Neese, Sion Alford, David Moore, etc...They were so gracious to help me in any way possible with our school of worship. Anything from curriculum, Video Conference teaching, or even coming to Alaska to partner with us. God is SOOOOOOO Good!!

This has been a trip full of connections. I've connected with old friends, I've connected with new ones & I've made connections that will prove to come to fruition in the future. It's not a coincidence that this conference was formerly called "Connect". 

Tomorrow, I'm off to connect with my family. 

God, direct our path into the future. May our steps be yours!!

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