Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Special Guest for February Night of Worship

Greetings friends. My apologies on taking so long to post. I'm working towards adding more contributors to help with posting more often. Between weekend services & wrapping up our first semester of the school of worship, things have been quite busy around here. 

I am excited to finally announce that we will be hosting a very special guest at our next Night of Worship on Feb. 2nd. Sion Alford is the Executive Worship Pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake Texas. 

As stated in his bio..."I try to give oversight to the craziest and most insane worship department in the world."

In just short of 14 years, this influential church has grown from 180 people to over 20,000. Unlike many "mega-churches", Gateway has amazingly kept that small family feel. As they very proudly say..."We're all about people". 

Gateway Worship has been a strong influence on my leadership, The Community School of Worship & the Worship culture as a whole here at FCC. I am so excited about the opportunity to partner with Sion & his wife as they venture north to the "Last Frontier".

The details are still in the works, but what we do know is that Sion will be leading worship with our team at the N.O.W. on Feb. 2nd. He will also be teaching at our services on Feb. 3rd. Sion wrote the curriculum for the "Worshipper's Character" that we teach at the School of Worship. He will be teaching an excerpt from that class. We are also presently working on putting together a Saturday morning gathering for area Worship Pastors & their teams. More info to come as we get closer.

Now's when you come in. Help us get the word out!

Talk at ya soon.